What is Love

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other day I asked a question on Facebook, just a small innocuous question…..

“What is Love?”

I dared people to answer the question, no debate or argument with other answers allowed. I wanted to know what some of my friends and relatives thought the answer was. Here are some of the answers:


I thought all of them were interesting, some more than others. This is my favorite:

“The emotion which makes us hunger to give, even when we believe we hold nothing more.”

Given the diversity of my Facebook friends, I was somewhat surprised by how consistent the answers were. I honestly thought some of my ‘friends’ would have come up with something more, something grander. Then again, I sometimes expect a great deal when I throw the door open with general questions. I think when we ask these questions it stumps people.

What is Love?

How do we…

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Is it Winter or Spring?

Today I went for a Hike at what is Called the “The Bird sanctuary” in Lake Tahoe….It was a beautiful hike and as I was looking around I was thinking….. this is not the Norm for this time of year….We usally have tons of snow and the streams are frozen over…. I don’t think Mr. GroundHog got it right for this part of the world, because it looks like spring is already here.

Is it Winter or Spring?

Is it Winter or Spring?

Is it Winter or Spring?

Is It Winter or Spring?

Is it Winter or Spring?

Is it Winter or Spring?